Friday, January 13, 2012

Creating a new kitchen

Beth Webb
Several years ago we purchased a 'fixer upper' and have been doing one project at a time.

Our next project is going to be the kitchen, and I would like to have it completed this year after putting it off for awhile now.

I will open it up to the dining area, which we already use for all of our meals.  I also want to partially open a wall to the living room.  We moved from a home that had an open concept to an older one where all of the spaces are separate.  I think opening the space will make it seem larger, brighter with windows on all sides, and easier to be a part of the conversation while cooking and entertaining.

I will be having an island added to the kitchen area, and really like the fact that these are very simple and rustic.  My kitchen will open to my veranda which has rag rugs on the stained concrete floor and open beams.  I have rustic and antique furnishings out there and think this would be a wonderful transition coming in the door.

While I am very excited about the completion of the project, I am dreading living through the chaos that I know remodeling to be!  I hope you stay with me during this time.  

After all, to create anything of beauty, you must toil and sweat during the journey!

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