Friday, December 23, 2011

Enjoy the holidays with the ones that count!

Here we are at the holidays, which we all look forward to, but somehow many of us torture ourselves, by trying to be perfect and all things to everyone.

I discovered several years ago to let perfection go.  It is too tiring to try to please everyone.  And the truth of the matter is that not everyone is that important to me.  So why stress about it?

Throughout the year I try to practice random acts of kindness, do the very best I can with whatever I am doing at the moment, and not look back.  I do not have time for regrets.
And do you know what I discovered?  I feel better physically.  People seem to like me bettter, and feel more comfortable with me.  Maybe I appear more genuine and friendly.

I recently left one job for another.  Even tho
I did not spend a long time at the job, I feel
as if I am leaving friends that I will continue
to keep in touch with.  They are important to
me, and I care what happens to them.
This portrait was given to me by one of my
co-workers after I admired her huge talent.

So, during this very busy time of the year,
spend it with the people you cherish, let past
transitions go, and just enjoy the moment!

Remember, our friends are chosen, our
families give us our memories. Make
them good ones!