Thursday, September 23, 2010

Revising a space for new uses

I have a client that I have had a relationship with for quite a few years now.  We started when she did not have any children.  Well  now they have 2 children, and they are both in school .  The time does fly by, and so do people's needs.

This space used to be the children's playroom, but now it has become a gathering spot for watching movies on the large wall mounted TV, and playing games.

I think a sucessful space uses colors that appeal to the client, and includes personal touches, such as the family photos displayed on the red wall.  They are a close knit family and she said they spend many happy hours here with popcorn and watching movies!  To me, that means success was achieved..

Monday, September 20, 2010


How many times have you looked into your closet, which is stuffed full of clothes, and thought, I don't have a thing to wear!  It has happened to all of us.  We go to sales, and buy 'such deals', but then when we get home, we don't have anything to match up with it.

The truth of the matter is, that most of us are not good shoppers!  I personally shop twice a year, and fill in the things I need to replace.  Every woman needs some very good basics to build a wardrobe on.

   A good black suit that fits well, is lined, made of good fabric.
   Well made and fitting slacks in black, grey, bone and brown.  They can have some texture, such as a herringbone tweed.
    A good white blouse that is fitted.  This can be worn with everything else in your wardrobe.
    A pencil skirt that falls to the knee.

These are your must haves!  Then you can add accessories, trend items, and color that suits your personal coloring.

  The tricky part in purchasing these items is the fit.  Not  all suits are the same.  They do not fit the same, or fall at the same point on your body.    Because all women are shaped differently, you need to find what suits you the best.  Find someone you trust to help you.  You need to find an ally that wants you to look your best, and knows what your options are.  You will often need to pull some pieces from one manufacturer and some from another.  You may need a petite size on the top or bottom, and a misses on the other.  However, once you have your basics, the rest is fun!!!!!!!

  I have been working at Dillards Dept Store, and am the Nygard specialist.  I love helping women find what works for them, and then pulling it all together to bring out their personality with the accessories.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Using Your Assets in a new way

Lately, I have found myself confused about what I want to do with my future.  I feel like I have many skills and options, but what should I do?  What do I want to do?  Is that how you feel?

    Since the downturn in the economy, I have been supplementing my design income by working @ Dillards Department store.  They have made me a specialist for Nygard clothing, which is designed by a Canadian designer.  It has 2 sides of the business, the basic crepe suiting, which is the bones of the wardrobe, and then the more design and fashion forward side.
    With my background in interior design, it is the same concept I have always used with my clients.  We have our basic bones in the room which should be well constructed and timeless.  Then, we add in the current trendy pieces to update and freshen a space.

    I find that I am loving 'outfitting' my new clients, helping them to put together a wardrobe that included basic everyday essentials, and then adding wonderful accessories such as belts, jewelry, scarves and that wonderful statement piece.

    Is there a way that you can use the skills you have acquired in one industry in a different way?
    Computer skills can be translated to many different industries.
    Teaching can be used in motivational speaking...who can't use a little motivation these days?
     If you can sell homes, you can probably sell anything else.
 Step back and think out of the box. What have you always loved to do.  Can you make money from your hobby?  No time like the present to try it.  What do you have to lose.

Did you know that Walt Disney went bankrupt several times before he came up with his wonderful empire?
The secret is, if the first idea doesn't work, try something else.  Just keep trying, and it'll happen.

    Whether you need help with your home or wardrobe, I would love to speak to you about it.
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I'm looking forward to hearing from you!   Donna