Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is your Style?

STYLE,  how do you define it?

I have always thought that your style defines who you are.

I think of my style as relaxed but with a touch of elegance.  As you can see from the colors I have selected for my remodeling project, the colors are neutral and calm.  They were selected to go with a flea market set of old Venetian painted tables that I just love!  They have a sense of patina, as most of the shine they originally had has been worn off long ago. They have a lovely curved shape and a soft design on the tops.

I dress my home much as I dress myself.  Antiques mix with modern.  I collect pieces when I travel, and almost everything has a story.  I do not follow trends, unless it appeals to me and fits my personality, body and space. 

What is your style?
    Artsy... with color and mixture of patterns,  fun and bright?
    Refined.... simple lines, tailored, muted neutrals?
    Intellectual....books, maps, a layered sense of dress and furnishings?

Think about what you like, what you are comfortable with, and follow your heart.  Start your own trends.  If you listen to your inner self, you will not have a closet full of nothing to wear, or furnishings that look dated.  You will always feel good about yourself, and comfortable in your home.

This is a picture of a small courtyard garden that I see every morning when I am getting ready for my day.  It sets my mood.  The wrought iron fencing is from a wonderful little antique shop in New Orleans.  I love hearing the trickling water from the fountains and hear the birds soothing.
This is my style, that mix of old,... structured and relaxed.  A touch of color, but calm and soothing.  How do you show your style?