Thursday, March 21, 2013

Green selections for kitchen

It has been a couple of weeks since we started our kitchen remodeling project, and we have made quite a bit of progress.

The fun part for me was selecting the finishes and styles of the cabinets, countertops and hardware.

I had a wonderful experience at Home Depot, where I selected Martha Stewart cabinets and Silestone countertops. The entire team was helpful, available when I needed them and very knowledgable.  I would highly recommend them to anyone in the process of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in their home.

The selections I made are green selections, so I am being a good stewart to the environment, and they will be very functional in a space that is used a great deal.

The perimeter cabinets which I wanted in a white, are a 5 ply laminate which will not show the cracking or splitting that would normally be experienced in a dry enviroment like we have in the winter.  They will also be very easy to clean, and will not yellow over time.  I have chosen the Silestone, Merope for the countertops, and love the honed look which is soft and casual.

The island will be in a dark Java maple wood.  The Silestone, Giallo Nova will add movement and color to the space, and not show marks or waterspots.  The wonderful features of it not having to be sealed, scratch and heat resistant, and another green product makes it perfect for my needs.

I have always said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  And that is certainly true in our house.  With that said, I am really going to love my new kitchen! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working together

Day 4 of remodeling project
Wow, day 4 of our remodeling project, and I have learned alot about working together on a project that has not been planned by everyone involved.

Originally my dear husband said "Just do what you want honey, I always like your work."   Well that led me to believe that he really did not have an opinion on the choices, or how things were to be done.  I thought he was just going to do the work!
Wrong, ... oh so wrong. 

After many years as a designer, I should have known that he was going to have an opinion. Silly me...

So, we have worked very hard, gotten very dirty, and did quite a bit of  shopping together.

My original thought was to have a high contrast kitchen that was black and white.  I have already gotten my appliances that are white, and have always loved that look.
However, he does not want it to look 'like a hospital', which of course it wouldn't.

As we have always done, we are going to compromise so we both enjoy our home.
I will have white cabinets, but the look will be softer with a softer tone on the countertops and dark wood floors.  I will be using some accent finishes on the island and the pantry.

We have also decided to change a bit of the layout after finding some 'surprises' when we opened the walls.  But that is not a bad thing, and the results will be great.

So, the electrician and plumber have been here to do the preliminary work.  The popcorn ceilings are all scraped, the wall is down and additional header is up.  Still need to fill in the gap in the floor underlayment.

I think it has been a very productive week, and we have had some laughs, as well as growling  (from him of course, never me)

Stay tuned for the next installment on the adventures of our great kitchen remodel...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Remodel...Day One

Day One... 
 Well,we got up early, had coffee and jumped right into it.  All enthusiasm and energy!

 These are the reasons we are doing this project:    I felt crowded working in the kitchen with myself and my husband both being in the same corner of the work triangle.
 I want to be more open to the dining and living rooms while I cook so I am not cut off from the rest of my family. 
 Since we added a covered veranda to the back of the house right off the kitchen, it became an 'inside' room with very little natural light...I like it bright.

 The first thing we did was to start taking the popcorn finish off the ceilings next to the wall we removed.  Much easier than we thought that would be.  The trick is to get a sprayer and wet the ceiling, wait a few minutes until the 'popcorn' finish looks wet and then it just scrapes off like butter!

Time for a lunch break, went to a local place for a burger and a bit of fresh air!

 Then it was back to work.  We took down the wall that separated the small kitchen from the small dining room.

 What I want is a larger, more open space that is conducive to entertaining and being able to see into the living room when I am cooking.

It doesn't look like much yet , but I can see my vision starting to take shape.  Some of the old cabinets are in the center of the kitchen work space where the future island will be. And I love all the light flowing into the space from the east, west and north.  It will be a bright space, and have plenty of space for everyone to be involved and comfortable.

Well worth the aches and pains I am feeling this evening!