Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's explore some of the coming design trends

I think the coming season is going to have several different design directions.  As a designer I love to put together all types of color and texture combinations,  but something that I seem to be particularly drawn to lately is the use of rustic and heavy textures, used with antiques and clean contemporary lines.

In my opinion a room can be quite soothing and interesting without alot of color or pattern.  The tactile qualities of carving, distressed woods in different species, stone and a variety of fabrics can be quite a feast for the senses.

Just study the differences in the texture and coloration of these different pieces of wood.  So very interesting, and yet very humble.  I can see this in a very simple straight wood frame, lit at the end of a long hallway. And it is also directional in the way the pieces of wood are joined together, what an unexpected treat.

Rachel Ashwell
Can you just imagine the different mood created by
these two spaces.   The outdoor room is very rustic and
simple.  Just bring your iced tea and sit to while away
the afternoon.  Listen to the birds, watch the butterflies
floating by...

This grand door, with it's heavy carvings, ironwork,
and burnished hardware is anything but humble.
It is substantial, both physically and in presence.
One immediately feels that this is a dwelling of importance, and the people who live here have reached
a level of confidence and stature.

In my next blog, I will speak about what I am noticing to be the coming color trends.

Until then, be true to your own tastes, then your home will be a reflection of the people who live there.

That is what makes it a home..not anyone's, but yours

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