Monday, January 30, 2012

How do you use your bedroom

Wakefield bedroom from Bassett
Ah, how we look forward to getting into our jamies at the end of the day, to relax and destress.

How do you use your bedroom?  I love this idea of having bookshelves in the bedroom.  I am an avid reader and I am usually reading a couple of books at the same time.

This wonderful black bed, the Wakefield, from Bassett Furniture is so versatile in how it can be used.  I love it here with all the neutrals, and patterns plus the pops of color.  I have also mixed it with stained wood pieces and it looks just as fabulous.

So, where do you start with designing your bedroom?  This first thing I do is ask myself some of these questions.
  • Who is using the room,  is it for guests or a permanent resident
  • What is the traffic pattern of the room, taking in any focal points such a a view out the window
  • What is the natural light in the room,  do we need room darkening window treatments
  • Does the occupant like to read or watch TV from the there room for additional seating
Then, I measure and draw the floor plan, and that tells me what I can fit into the room, considering the
the traffic pattern and size of the bed wanted.

Try to have a comfortable chair or bench at the end of the bed for putting on your shoes, or placing the extra bed pillows when you are sleeping.  Even with wood floors, it is nice to step onto soft warm carpet when you wake in the morning.  It's important to have some type of table or chest next to the bed for a lamp, clock and book.

And don't forget as shown in the room above, don't forget a comfy spot for Fido!
Sweet dreams, and let me know if I can help you with your room...Donna

Friday, January 13, 2012

Creating a new kitchen

Beth Webb
Several years ago we purchased a 'fixer upper' and have been doing one project at a time.

Our next project is going to be the kitchen, and I would like to have it completed this year after putting it off for awhile now.

I will open it up to the dining area, which we already use for all of our meals.  I also want to partially open a wall to the living room.  We moved from a home that had an open concept to an older one where all of the spaces are separate.  I think opening the space will make it seem larger, brighter with windows on all sides, and easier to be a part of the conversation while cooking and entertaining.

I will be having an island added to the kitchen area, and really like the fact that these are very simple and rustic.  My kitchen will open to my veranda which has rag rugs on the stained concrete floor and open beams.  I have rustic and antique furnishings out there and think this would be a wonderful transition coming in the door.

While I am very excited about the completion of the project, I am dreading living through the chaos that I know remodeling to be!  I hope you stay with me during this time.  

After all, to create anything of beauty, you must toil and sweat during the journey!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In 2001 we moved from Wisconsin, with all of it's wonderful lakes to Charlotte, North Carolina.  The 2 states have so much in common.  What I love about living here in Charlotte is that we are so close to the mountains and the ocean.  I love visiting both, and it is such an easy drive.

This particular picture does make me homesick.
The mist coming up off  the lake with the snow and pines on the shore.  It is so peaceful, quiet and thought provoking.

The move here has been quite an experience for me.
We moved when I was in the prime time of my career.  I was often interviewed by the Journal-Sentinel newspaper for design articles. My name as a designer was known, and I did not have to solicit for new business.  I was very involved with my local chapter of ASID, sat on design boards, and mentored younger designers.

Then we moved to a new state where I did not have any background, clientel, or resources.  It was a very humbling experience for me. 

I have been employed by several furniture stores and been self-employed since moving here.  The economy has not been kind to those of us in this industry.

Recently I have started to work for Bassett Furniture, and I feel as if I have come home again.  I work with a great team of people who all love what they do.  I can't say enough about how kind and supportive they have been in helping me to become acclimated to my new surroundings.  The product that I sell is great quality, has lovely styling and we can suit everyone's taste.  The delivery is wonderful..knock on wood but not a single problem since I have started a few months ago.  That makes my job easy and a joy for the client.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is just keep trying.  If your situation feels uncomfortable and you have truly tried, move on until you find the right fit. 
You'll find it, and it will be wonderful.

Life if what you make of it, and you are the only person in control of your destiny.

     Carpe diem!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's explore some of the coming design trends

I think the coming season is going to have several different design directions.  As a designer I love to put together all types of color and texture combinations,  but something that I seem to be particularly drawn to lately is the use of rustic and heavy textures, used with antiques and clean contemporary lines.

In my opinion a room can be quite soothing and interesting without alot of color or pattern.  The tactile qualities of carving, distressed woods in different species, stone and a variety of fabrics can be quite a feast for the senses.

Just study the differences in the texture and coloration of these different pieces of wood.  So very interesting, and yet very humble.  I can see this in a very simple straight wood frame, lit at the end of a long hallway. And it is also directional in the way the pieces of wood are joined together, what an unexpected treat.

Rachel Ashwell
Can you just imagine the different mood created by
these two spaces.   The outdoor room is very rustic and
simple.  Just bring your iced tea and sit to while away
the afternoon.  Listen to the birds, watch the butterflies
floating by...

This grand door, with it's heavy carvings, ironwork,
and burnished hardware is anything but humble.
It is substantial, both physically and in presence.
One immediately feels that this is a dwelling of importance, and the people who live here have reached
a level of confidence and stature.

In my next blog, I will speak about what I am noticing to be the coming color trends.

Until then, be true to your own tastes, then your home will be a reflection of the people who live there.

That is what makes it a home..not anyone's, but yours