Thursday, February 3, 2011


"It's never too late to have a second childhood, but the second one is up to you"....unknown

Like most people, at the start of the new year I sit down and analyze my life, finances, goals and make some adjustments.

It has occured to me that I want to simplify my life.  Go back to some of those simpler times in my early youth.
Let go of the clutter in all of the areas of my life.

So I have been clearing out the things that I have not used in the past couple of years.  Clothing, home accessories, files of clients that I have not heard from in a long while.

It is a good feeling to purge some of those things.  I donated and gave them away.  Giving great shoes that were gently worn to younger girls at work brought pleasure to all!

I have been a designer for the last 40 years.  It has been a career that I have always been passionate about.  But, I have to admit that the last few years have been a real struggle.  Because of it, I have gotten a job as a clothing specialist at a dept store.
I still have the joy of helping people find what they like and what suits them.  It is still all about style.  And, I am enjoying it more than I expected to.  Dressing my manequins is like playing dolls!

But, it has been a big juggling act to do both, and do them both well.  I have found myself worn out and tired at times.  Maybe my career is the next thing to simplify.  My husband thinks I should just retire, but after being cooped up with a few days of snow, I know I am not ready for that!

It is something I will have to mull over in my mind for awhile.  It will be my next new chapter...stay tuned for future happenings.

Any advise from someone in the same place in their life???

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