Thursday, February 9, 2012


Amanda Wright of Wit & Whistle
Accessorizing is all about scale and balance.

Often, I find that clients think their accessories have to 'match' their furniture.  That is so not true!

As shown in this very simple vignette, the most effective and pleasing way to accessorize your home is by showing things that have special meaning and memories to you.

I have a mask similar to this that I purchased in China.
I had it mounted on a small stand and put it on top of a bamboo tiered shelf in my guest bath.  It looks so special with the light shining through the window behind it, and and leafy plant next to it.

This setting is also balanced with color, the black & white of the piano and it's keys, the sheet music in the black and white, and the tall white lamp.  Also take note of how these items are arranged.  The height is at the upper left and flowing down to the right.  We naturally drawn to arrangements of items that follow the direction we were taught to read...from left to right, top to bottom.

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