Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New season, new beginnings

Well, here I am going back to design again.  I needed a break and thought I wanted to do something different for awhile, but design really is my passion!

So, today I started a new job at Bassett Furniture in Concord NC.  They have so many options, fabrics, accessories, rugs, window treatments...I just felt like I was in a candy store!

And the truth is, that I can play with fabrics all day long, and make my clients really happy with the results.

Above is a sitting area in my daughter's home.  She has a very active family, and we needed something to be versatile and stand up to the everyday use of an active child, dog and friends.  These rustic mixed materials work well, and it is so cozy to sit and read a book in the sunshine, and late in the evening watch the deer in the backyard.

So let me know if I can help you create a space...be it formal or relaxed.  It'll be all about you and your needs.  Donna

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