Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I am thankful for...

I love to travel, and just returned home from a week-end in my hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin.  And the weather was very typical for this time of the year, where it is still winter.  It snowed all day on Saturday, and it was beautiful.

spring in Charlotte
But, when I returned home to Charlotte on
Sunday, I realized one of the many things I love about being here, and that is the wonderful weather and the fact that we have a true four seasons.  One of my favorites is the early and long springs.  From 22 degrees to the high 60's is something I treasure.

The other things in my list of what I am thankful for is long and varied....

  • my loving family
  • all of my friends far & wide
  • living in this great country
  • the loyalty of dogs & cats
  • nature, in all it's diversity, proof that there is a god
  • the ability to state my own opinions and have them validated, even though they may be different from yours
  • my health
  • my beautiful gardens
  • having time and the support of others to follow my creative abilities & outlets
  • hearing the laughter of children, knowing their joy is so pure & simple
  • knowing my husband  loves me and will always be there to  support me
  • the health of my parents, and their ability to still be independent
  • the knowledge that my children have happy & productive lives
My list is long, and surely not complete, but I hope you have a moment to consider a list for yourself.  It makes all of the every day irritations we endure seem very trivial indeed.
winter snow

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