Sunday, May 27, 2012

Color Inspiration

I find that I am inspired by so many different things in my color selections for clients.  I ask them alot of questions, study the natural lighting in the space,  consider when the room is used and how.  These are all very important considerations.

The furnishings and who is using the space is also important.  It will determine the types of materials we use.  But then comes the fun part...and that is color selection.

I am inspired by the colors of the sky, which can create such a beautful scheme of different shades and hues of the same color.  The garden with the combinations of cool and warm plants, the differing shades of green.  Have you ever noticed how green works with every other color?  Did you know that it is used in many hospitals because it is such a soothing color?

What about different materials and the way they reflect the light?  Metallics, wood, fabric, stone.  All wonderful in the the shadow play they provide.

Next time you are considering a new color scheme, think about some of these ideas and how they can change your thoughts on color.  Blue is never just blue, just as beige is never just beige!

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