Monday, April 9, 2012

Like most designers, I always have a project at home.  About 10 years ago, my husband and I moved to Charlotte, NC from Wales, Wisconsin and decided to downsize and simplify.

We considered what was important to us in our lifestyle, our hobbies and interests, and where we were in our life.  With children out of the nest, we really did not need a large home.  However, my passion for gardening, and his for rebuilding old vehicles required that we had some land to be able to pursue our interests.

We bought a 'fixer-upper' that we have been working on since we moved in.  Every year we do a large project, and then play with our other interests.  Of course, alot of my time and energy has gone into building a beautiful landscape.  This house had no curb appeal.    These columns are such an improvement to the front of the house, over the old rotted railing and 4x4 posts that were there!

You can see my garden progress at my other blog

Here's a pic from last summer of the before.  The garden is lush, but those posts and rail really just needed to go!

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