Sunday, February 19, 2012

Expect the best, prepare for the worst

Life is a circle, formed by lifes experiences
I have been an interior designer for my entire career, spanning several decades.

My career has included working for a paint and wallcovering distributor, a window treatment company, and with a high end custom builder as their liason with the clients.

I have had my own design /build firm and worked with a few furniture companies on their design staffs.

Throughout all of this time, I have learned some valuable lessons that not only pertain to the design business, but life in general.  They are...
  • Always have a back-up plan.  When doing a remodel if you only have one sub-contractor and he is behind, the entire project timing falls apart.  Have another company that you can count on.  Building relationships in business and your personal life are always important.

  •  People do not always say what they mean.  Maybe it is terminalogy.  However, maybe they are just fudging to get a little extra time or shave the cost.  Make sure everyone involved is on the same page and understands...get it in writing!

  • If you are not sure about a fact, check it out.  Don't believe the saying "fake it until you make it"  I have found that my credibility is worth more than a fast answer.  If your 'guess' is wrong, the person you are dealing with will doubt you the next time you do know the answer.  You can never go back.....there are no  do-overs in real life. Previous experiences are remembered and reflect on your credibility.

Always expect the best in people, and they will usually take your lead.  Trust is a forgotten factor in life in the time we live in.  But once you have someone's trust, it will bring you a friendship and partnership that you will cherish.  It is the way we all want to be treated, no matter what our relationship is..teacher, doctor, designer, and most of all...friend or spouse.
Expect the best, and that is what you will usually get...if not, they're not worth it!!

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