Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking time to relax

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Ocracoke Lighthouse
What does vacation, or the term relaxing mean to you?

It is something different for everyone.  Some of us have to have all of our time planned, right down to the minute and an itinerary to go with it.

Some of us just want to chill, go with the flow, take whatever comes up at the moment.  Be free to explore, just read a book, or walk on the beach.

I like a combination of both.  We took a long week-end with a friend who wanted to visit the Wright Bros Museum on the NC Outer Banks.  I wanted to photograph the lighthouses.  So, away we went.  We had 3 days, and what a great time we had.

Beach walks, sightings of unique tiny shells on the shore, sharks & dolphins, sunrise & sunsets.  The last photo I took was an adventure in itself.  The site was closed, so I had to climb over the fence.  But, that was not the challenging part.  It was with a tornado watch that had touched down just a county away.  It was raining hard, but it was worth it.  Sort of a challenge to hold the umbrella and camera.  So, I set the umbrella down, got my shot, and then ran after the umbrella!

We enjoyed great seafood, lots of drinks, talking and laughing about nothing in particular.  We even got chased by a snapping turtle, but that is a story for another day.

So, why not take a couple of days and relax.  It doesn't have to be anything more than time with people you love and enjoy.  You'll feel so much better and ready to take on the world.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Carpe diem!

Currituck Island Lighthouse

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