Thursday, August 5, 2010

Set the scene for a great beginning

Does your day seem chaotic from the very moment you set your feet on the floor in the morning? It doesn't need to be that way, but it does take a bit of planning and maybe a change of lifestyle.

If you wake to an alarm clock, just set it to music instead, and put the lights on a timer so it will seem sunny when you awake. Wouldn't that be better than an annoying clanging in the dark? You can also set the coffee maker on a timer, so that wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee awaits you.. Who wants to wait and go out to Starbucks when you can have it at home?
Maybe the night before, you can decide what you will wear today. Will you have a busy day, appts all over town..then you might want to consider layers, because you will most likely encounter different temps, and dress codes during the day. That should save you the trouble of discovering that you forgot to pick up your favorite jacket from the cleaners! More stress avoided.
By living the boy scout motto of always being prepared, your mornings will be a joyful beginning to the day. And won't you feel a little above all the other stressed-out people you encounter during the day. I like to remember an old swedish proverb."worry often gives a small ting a big shadow."

I hope every day is a good as it can be for you, Donna

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