Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's build a room around a rug

There are many ways to design a room.  Sometimes I will start with a great piece of art.  Sometimes we will be working around a collection of antiques that my client has acquired over the years.   Sometimes, all we will have in mind is a color scheme.      Today, I want to talk about starting with the rug.  Whether you are creating a comtempory or traditional space, there are many reasons to use an area rug.
In an open space concept, it will accentuate the different areas of use.  It can join together a seating area or define a dining space.

 The rug that is shown with the solid color is wonderful when a bit of texture is needed, and can tie the space with another that is seen from that space.
You can use it with patterned fabrics on the upholstery or window treatments.  It could be used with corals, browns and orange tones, or with cooler colors like the greens and blues.

The two patterned rugs shown are soft in their patterns and may be used with transitional rooms, meaning a mix of contemporary and traditional furnishings.  Because of  the pattern, they could be used as a focal point as in a foyer, or in a conversation area. 

So, the next time you are wondering 'where do I start', consider a rug!

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