Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday decorating

Are you ready for all of your friends & family to arrive to share the season with you?  Does it make you feel overwhelmed thinking everything has to be perfect or expensive?  It doesn't have to be that way.  Here are some tips...
  • For table arrangements, use a low container that you already own.  It can be a plain footed container like the one shown below.  Fill it with greens, pinecones, and fruit.  Walk in the yard to see what you can find.  Magnolia leaves and berries from the nandinas would be wonderful.  Do you have a can of fake snow..spray lightly.
  • homesick for snow, I painted a window with winter scene
  • Do you have a small space or little time to spend?  Add a Santa to the tabletop and put some ornaments in a bowl or under a belljar like shown here.    
  • Add some winter artwork.  When I redo my mantle for the holiday, I usually add some Christmas artwork among the greens and candlesticks.  Using mirrors makes the arrangement look fuller and the lit candles brighter.
  •  This painted window was leftover from a remodel.  I missed having a window at the end of the hall, so I hung this for a 'view'
  • As you shop for your gifts, wrap them right away and use them as part of the decorations. You can put them in a basket, under the tree, or on a chair that is seldom used.  They could also line the staircase. Wouldn't that be festive? 

  • Another timesaver is to use different paper for the gifts.  All of the children could get red or green. Use the metallic gold or silvers for the adults.  That will make it easier to find when you are handing them out. 
My wish for you is to enjoy the season with all of your friends and family.  If you forget something, it doesn't matter.  No one else knew you were intending to do it.  JUST ENJOY!
a low arrangement allows for conversation with guests


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